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The LinkElevator publisher program is an innovative method for generating income from your website. The program allows you to place a javascript code on your pages that shows a LinkElevator banner.

The banners are available in several standard sizes. Each time a viewer comes to LinkElevator through your banner code, you are credited with a percentage of sale revenue from any advertiser referrals, as well as ongoing revenue from any publisher activity.

Our standard terms are 25% of referred advertiser sales, and an additional 5% override on all referred publishers who generate advertising sales. Your recurring income can grow quickly if you are able to generate quality publisher registrations.

The code must be used in order to receive your credits. The system relies on our publishers to increase our ad-views, and for this we compensate you generously. You have the option to turn on the "nofollow" attribute to your banner code if you're concerned about being punished by other ad programs. You can also target a new page for the outbound links if you like.

Payments are made on the 15th of each month for accumulated referral activity of $25 or more. Any unpaid balances will roll over to the following month. At this time, only Paypal payments will be processed; you must have a Payal account in order to receive your earnings.

You can place more than one banner code on your site if you like. You may also place LinkElevator code on other sites you own or control, as long as they conform to our standard terms of service, available for review on the Publishers registration page.

You may retreive your ad code once you've created your account and logged in. Your account area also shows you your current sales information, referral activity, and affiliate payments information.

We welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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